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 Dana Lynn Kleinman: 1974  Born in Boston, MA

 Ruth Avra Kleinman:  1979  Born in Washington, DC




2002  MFA in Painting, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1997   BFA in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking with an additional major in interdisciplinary History and Anthropology

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA



2001 BS in Art, Art Metal Concentration, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

1999  Scholarship grant for semester abroad, Syracuse University, Florence Italy


Collaborative artists and sisters, Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman (aka KX2) combine talents to create 3D metal, multi-paneled wall sculptures made of aluminum and oil on canvas.  

Shapes and lines are cut into sheets of metal, after which the metal is bent into an open-backed box construction.  It is then welded or soldered in corners and hand worked to create unique textures.  Seen through the negative space in the metal and mounted from behind, oil on canvas is layered to create impressions that become more intricate upon closer inspection.

Ruth and Dana not only cross boundaries in medium, but also in space as they live and work out of New Mexico (Dana) and Florida (Ruth).  Both were practicing artists, separately, before their collaboration began in 2006.  The sisters garnered international recognition with an invitation to represent the United  States at the Beijing Biennale in 2008, held in conjunction with the Summer Olympics.  Shortly after, they were included in the "Gen Next IV, Trends in Contemporary Art" in Kolkata, India highlighting up-and-coming young artists from around the world. In 2009, KX2 was awarded a solo show at Las Cruces Museum of Art in New Mexico. In addition, the sisters have exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and museums across the US.


Perhaps it was blood, or simply a similar upbringing, that eventually led to the coming together of aesthetics. Whether arranged in group installations or solo pieces, each work involves a sense of rhythm and mathematics. Not only does this reflect nature in its patterns, but it also ties us together as sisters, undeniably influenced by a mathematician father and a scientist mother.

From a distance the work looks sleek and high contrast with hyper-pigmented painting and shiny metal surfaces, yet up close the viewer is struck by hand sanded intricate patterns softening the metal and textural multilayered paintings inspired by natural surfaces. Multiple panels that shift in depth off the wall talk about boundaries and disparate parts, with geometry and color tying the pieces together and creating connection. 

Part mysticism and part mathematics, the circle is perhaps the strongest unifying symbol in human history. Our latest Eclipse series and Ellipses series take on the form of a circle as both a symbol of connection and a representation of elements of the cosmos. Humans have always looked up to the sky in reflection and awe. It gives us a sense that we are part of something bigger than our day to day life; that we are both large and small at the same time. These series utilize cosmic features such as orbits, stars, moons and planets as inspiration. By making these associations, we are actively participating in the experience of wonder and connection; expressing these feelings as well as promoting them. While referencing lunar and solar eclipses, overlapping circles may also represent the overlapping of ideas, individuals, or any two entities coming together in time and space. Also associated with femininity and fertility, the circle harmonizes with the angular “masculine” metal constructed form, finding balance between two seemingly different aspects.

Description of Process (Wall Sculpture)
Whether working large scale in aluminum or small scale in sterling silver the process is quite similar. Shapes and lines are cut into sheets of metal, after which the metal is bent into an open backed box construction. It is then welded or soldered in corners and hand worked to create unique textures. Seen through the negative space in the metal, mounted from behind, oil on canvas is layered to create impressions that get more intricate the closer the viewer gets. The entire presentation and contrast of metal and painting is striking from a distance, as well as detailed and engaging up close.

​We are environmentally conscious of our material choices, using up to 50% recycled aluminum and recycled canvas.



GW&K Investment Management, Boston, MA

The Davis Companies, Burlington, MA

Silverpeak, New York, NY

National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, MD

TTSS, Rockville, MD

Womack Wealth Management, Albuquerque, NM

Jaguar/Landrover, Bethesda, MD

Dealer Rater LLC, MA

New Mexico Arts, Acclaimed Artist Series 2011, Purchase by Art in Public Places for  New Mexico State University, Carlsbad Campus