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  • Sand T Kalloch


"The carefully controlled, polished surfaces of Sand T Kalloch’s mixed media work beckon us into an amorphous space of color, lines and light. She is concerned with repetition and geometric, reductive abstraction. Tension is introduced as she plays the line between space and surface, energy and restfulness. Her sensuous colors, thick or thin lines and illusionary droplets confuse the viewers’ perspective. She likens her deliberate process to composing music, setting up resonances. The work’s dense glossy surfaces, rather than stopping us, invite close study, confusing us with the "space" that is portrayed." 

 - -Bridget Lynch, Interim Director Trustman Art Gallery, Department of Art and Music, Simmons College, Boston, MA, June 2013


"The words fresh, pure, clean luminous, pristine, sophisticated, modern, disciplined and colorful all rush into my head upon viewing this work. Viewing a single piece is pleasing, but seeing works in a series in much more engaging, enveloping and exciting. The artist seems to attain her goal ("... to utilize the basic elements of visual language... to create maximum visual impact.") in every single piece." 

- - Mim Brooks Fawcett, Executive Director, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA, August, 2012. 


“Onyx or stars in a night sky. Water droplets glistening in the light. Translucent pearls, amoebic blobs, cells, molecules. Sand T’s ever-expanding body of non-objective work suggests all these images, using lines, light, dot, and form in an original technique that captures UV-resistant industrial epoxy resin in compositions that exploit the notion of time, play powerfully on many dualities, and involve the viewers as a co-creator.”  

“Sand T applies the resin’s water-like drops improvisationally over the graphite. Each drop suggesting the next, like jazz musician soloing over a set chord pattern. The completed panel, set off from the wall in a cradle, seems to move with you as you view it, the bulging drops distorting the graphite and the reflective  and light-responsive properties of the resin constantly changing the image, depending on where you stand.”

“Like symbols in a private alphabet, Sand T feels the pieces comment on time. They reflect the entire time used to create the work – sketching it, drawing the graphite lines, layering and adding the drops. They are evidence of when each dot was dropped, where and how it fell, and the movement from one drop to another, as well as the time spent viewing the work. Time also can seem to stand still, because the shiny pieces have a meditative, mesmerizing quality. “ 

“Conceptual dichotomies jump off the panels at you: simple design elements vs. complex technique, black vs. white; certainty vs. random chance. Compositions seem still and inanimate, yet they undulate and breathe on the wall. The graphite’s flat, rigid two-dimensionality is seduced and rounded by three-dimensional drops that themselves look liquid and soon to run off the frame, yet appear solid, captured and immobile.” 

- -  Excerpts taken from an article written by Roanna Forman, artscope Magazine's 5th Anniversary Issue, Boston, MA, Mar/Apr, 2011, p. 46


"Although Sand T’s paintings appear to utilize a simple language of dots, line, and color, they transcend their simplicity through their illusionistic surface depth and reflective nature. For some, the patterns might allude to the moments when our interior bodily rhythms are acknowledged and heard. The fluctuated spacing between lines and between pooled dots remind one of breathing patterns, blood pumping, and a heartbeat. This makes the most sense when one has been especially hyper-aware of one's own body. During meditation or yoga, the breath becomes all-encompassing, when one is operating on pure fear or adrenaline; we feel our blood pumping through our body. Sand T’s paintings slow us down so that we can listen to the inner rhythms of ourselves and respond to the image in front of us." 

- - Candice Smith Corby, director of the Cushing-Martin Gallery at Stonehill College in Easton, MA, October 2010 


"... FROZEN in motion and immortalised in time, glistening droplets come to life and dance under lights. But despite their polished brilliance, their beginnings are humble...." 

- -  An excerpt taken from an article written by RouWen Lin, The STAR Magazine Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2009 


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