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  • Andrew Saftel

Andrew Saftel: 'The paintings are chronicles: atmospheres of thought, filled with words, images and stories. Like a life lived, these paintings are layers of information - partly obscured, partly revealed. This work is about the geology of time, a layering of events through history leading up to this moment. The layering of the paintings is also geological, a build-up of thoughts, emotions and physical interactions buried in the layers of paint. We see only the surface, but everything underneath influences what the surface eventually becomes.'

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Go Study & Write **
Mixed media on panel
48 x 78"
Row, Walk and Ride
Mixed media on paper
41 x 73"
In studio
Unique collograph on paper
47 x 31"
In studio
Where Water Meets Land
Mixed media on paper
51 x 40"
In studio
Heartwood **
Mixed media on paper
12 x 22"